Struik Nature Club Review: Baobabs of the world

Baobabs of the world: the upside-down trees of Madagascar, Africa and Australia by Andry Petignat and Louise Jasper, published byStruik Nature

This freezing morning I made good Columbian coffee, lit my fire, and still in my pyjamas, took up this new publication by Struik. I have said this before, but its worth repeating: South Africa is the preeminent country world wide for having the finest collection of nature and field guides. In no small measure, Struik leads the pack with its superb collection of guides and apps.

This book is lushly illustrated, not only with spectacular landscape photographs, but also “cut aways” of botanical and cultural aspects. The photograph of a Ring Tailed Lemur eating a baobab flower on page 25 is ravishing. There is a near perfect balance between hard scientific fact and digestable general information, but the photographs sustain this lovely publication.

A perfect gift for all lovers of our own beautuiful bushveld. I shall remain in my pyjamas for an hour more……