His lifetime contribution to conservation was recognised in 2001 by the award of the Molteno Medal of the Cape Tercentenary Foundation. In 2007 his contribution to Zoological science was recognised by the award of the Stevenson Hamilton Award, the highest honour of the Zoological Society of South Africa.

His interest in the environment has taken him far and wide in a career of 40 years, spanning 4 continents and too many countries to name.

He is involved at the Centre for Invasive Biology at Stellenbosch University and still lectures. He also operates as environmental consultant to Africa, Chile, Tanzania and Uganda. He writes articles for VISI and INSIG on a regular basis.

Dave is a visionary environmentalist able to explain his vision in common language while never losing sight of the small details that give colour to the vision. His understanding of the relationship between man and nature rests firmly on an understanding of man as well as his experience of man in conditions of extreme need.
Dave remains one of the last of a group of great naturalists and a true renaissance man with an interest in and contribution to literature made in his popular books and regular magazine articles.

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